How AFBN on Overwatch Works

Gameplay & Practice

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Playing alone sucks. It even gets downright boring! Luckily, we are A Few Bad Newbies and we have each other. Practicing placement, lines, routines and gameplay should be every day IF your goal is to get on the starting A-Squad. Having a close group of people you play with is better than no-names, and better than solo, but learning the rest of your community by playing with them seems best. After all, how well do YOU communicate with strangers?

Our Roster

Anyone who is listed on the Roster, is in fact eligible to play in the competitive lineup. However, all matches will be scheduled and ran by the appointed Rocket League leader(s) and co-leader(s). You all represent AFBN, and our growing community. Be respectful, but kick butt while doing so! And as a reminder, while we compete in an open ladder on a public site, our goal is to grow strong enough to compete in actual competitions for actual money. Practice!

Prizes & Rewards

Some of you may represent AFBN in a singles or duos ladder. Others may even do so as a squad day in and day out. No matter how you look at competition, there will be rewards. After all, your hard work deserves something! We are a community that gives back. As such, any and all prizes won belong to the player who won it–unless otherwise specified by the host of the event.

We Have a ZERO Cheating Policy

What does this mean for you? Quite simply, don’t ruin the game for everyone else and give AFBN a bad name in the process. In competitive play, three (3) separate accusations, or (1) PROOF that a member of A Few Bad Newbies cheated, will result in an immediate dismissal from our community. Be mindful of how you represent us. We aren’t cheaters.

Communicating & Coordinating

Without communication, even the best of relationships die. Stands to reason, the same thing will happen to a community that gets divided by the same issue. After every day of competing and gaming, the Leader and Co-Leader of our division are expected to follow up the Owner/Founder/Captain of AFBN. Coordinating updates, messages, and after changes as well as daily scores, is a big part of the much needed communication! Failure to do so, will result in a leadership role transfer.

Clan Tags

All members of A Few Bad Newbies are required to wear an “AFBN” Tag where applicable. Placing another tag on, is essentially saying you don’t want to compete with us. Which is okay, you’re allowed to feel that way. You won’t be considered for the A-team. If you’re a casual gamer or content creator, we still urge you to proudly display our community mark. We are proud of having you with us, why not return the love?

How do I join?

A Few Bad Newbies is open to everyone 16 years of age or older. Whether you’re a competitor, or a casual player, or you’re trying to make the next big impact to streaming, there’s a place for you. Please fill out an Application of Membership, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!