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Here, you can become an Affiliate of A Few Bad Newbies and make money!


The answer is as transparent as can be, not to mention simple! When you refer a friend, or anyone really, using your custom referral link, you will earn 25% commission on whatever they buy! It’s really that easy.

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We utilize a third party distributor for all of our Merchandising needs. With this in mind, you either have the option to have products created to represent anything you want (within our terms and conditions & privacy policy regulations). Whether it be your stream, your team, your business… your anything, and we will add it to our store! Once approved, please Contact Us via Email to discuss Your Product Design.

Or you can sell our products that we’ve already designed, for the same sale deal! It doesn’t matter what Merchandise it is, you get 25% And you keep track of your stats while doing so.

The Affiliation Program Account is Not Connected With Rest of Site

You must Create a New Account even if you’ve already registered to Compete, or used any of our other Site’s Functions.

This Affiliation Program Account does NOT apply to our One Stop Shop.

All Merchandise Sales must be completed using our main website, AFBN.me. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience(s) this may create.

This Affiliation Program Account Pays its Affiliates Once-a-Month

Your 25% Commission will be sent to you once a month. If you do not qualify to receive the $20 minimum payment, your earnings will roll-over until the next scheduled monthly payment.

Thank You for being Affiliated with A Few Bad Newbies!

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