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About A Few Bad Newbies

A Few Bad Newbies started as a small town group of friends, varied by age but bonded by eSports, in upstate NY. We’ve evolved. So now we are recruiting online players!! Until then, and even after, having fun playing a dream that we all love, is our little slice of heaven that we’d love to show you! So please follow, watch, and share! And if you’ve not already, check out our social networks and join us in our continual growth. But most of all, enjoy!!

Our Goal

Let’s be straight forward. Our intent is to grow, get better, and further build this community that was established for YOU. Help us to make it a success! Your activity and individual growth, helps us collectively!

How We’re Doing It

Every one of us here at AFBN, are devoted to bringing you the best viewer-player entertainment as we can with our live and past stream. We even do video blogs! Our goal is, after all, to grow with you our community!

Where AFBN Came From

Mystic Player, also known as William Simmons, once upon a time, had an idea. A dream, if you will. And a desperate love for gaming to go along with it. The two extremes eventually crossed paths, and the need for a website was born. Since then, A Few Bad Newbies has been in a continual growth that has been a gift to witness from its start.

We Compete Overseas

Believe it or not, AFBN has grown to be more than just a cross-platform, cross-title gaming hang out. We also have European teams that represent this wonderful community! From North America, to places like the United Kingdom, England, Canada, PHT, and Australia. How exciting is that?! Let’s get established in every country!

Monthly Charity Events

A Few Bad Newbies does a charity event at the end of every month. Yes, every month. Each charity stream is expected to run for at least twelve consecutive hours and it doesn’t necessarily need to be on one game. We play, you donate, the charity thrives. Please visit our Charity Programs section for information on upcoming and past charities. Our highest to-date, was Make-a-Wish where nearly $4,000 was raised.

What We Play

AFBN started off originally as a Fortnite clan idea. Eventually, our community grew. Now, our members fill multiple titles across five platforms. Our services will never be limited to just our members, however. It’s free and open for everyone!

Cross-Platform | Mobile | Oculus | PC | PlayStation | Xbox One

Call of Duty: MW2


Cold War


Apex Legends

Rogue Company

Fall Guys

Echo Arena


Rocket League

Rainbow Six: Siege

NBA 2K21

Madden 21


Forza Motorsport 7


Free Competition Ladder & Money Matches

We have a FREE Competition Ladder. On 15+ Games. In 6+ Worldwide Regions. Played on 5 Platforms including Mobile and Oculus.

Create a FREE Account, Login, Create or Join a Team — or play Solo — and move up the Leaderboards in your region for FREE!

Is free not good enough? You can register and enter our Money Tournaments for your chance at winning some cash! And best of all? You DO NOT need to be a member of A Few Bad Newbies to kick butt!!

If there are *any* issues in one way or another, please contact us immediately. After all, without YOUR satisfaction we wouldn’t have the amazing community that we do. We got your back.


Free Entertainment

A Few Bad Newbies does not own the any of these free sources. But we like them, and as to avoid being selfish… We want you to enjoy them too!

Free Streaming Network

A Few Bad Newbies created a place for YOU to embed your Live Stream, for FREE. Network and find like-minded people to game with, or against.

Click Here to view & use the Streaming Network

Free Affiliation Program

Here at the AFBN, we have something called the “Affiliation Program”. Pretty simply, if anyone using your referral link buys any item listed in our Merchandise Shop section, you’re helping yourself by gaining 12% commission–while also saving that person 10% when your discount code is used. Anyone can sign up. What’s more, you can use it yourself as an Affiliate Member on your own purchases!

One Stop Shop

Our One Stop Shop

40% off domains, hosting, and more

$COHESION Crypto | Decentralized ERC-20 Token

$COHESION is a Decentralized ERC-20 Community Token that is going to change the world with its community driven and charity giving approach. A Few Bad Newbies is very proud to announce the absolute unity of Gaming and Crypto, where our users can win their very own digital currency for free by both winning our Competition Ladder Tournaments and/or our season Playoffs.

Below is an iFramed view of the website, which gives much further detail as to what $COHESION and Crypto really is.

Click Here to jump right to the website!

Apply to Join A Few Bad Newbies

We are Worldwide. And free. While our community is open-ended without limitation, our Clan aspect of things is a little different. Our maximum capacity will be 20 Newbies a team, 1 team per Region, 1 Region per Platform, on 5 Platforms. Not good at math? 20(max members) x 6(regions) x 15(games) x 5(platforms) = 15,500. Are you still confused? Well, that is the total number of Newbies we want competing. Let’s take over the world of eSports. Apply today!

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A Few Bad Newbies

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