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The Growth Happens with @_AFBN_ on Twitter
eSports Org & Gaming Website Empire

➡️ Worldwide. Multiplatform. Free.
✅ Tournaments
✅ Competition Ladder System
✅ AR/VR Lounge
✅ Anime
✅ Browser Games
✅ Whitepaper
✅ Roadmap
✅ Revenue Sharing
✅ Merch

™️ Do it like a Pro, with A Few Bad Newbies.

Do you enjoy VR and want to upgrade your experience? Check this out, we highly recommend it!!

We don't get commission nor affiliate pay for mentioning them, we just really like their quality and all that's offered and thought you'd want to evolve too. ❤️

🟨 | De vergoedingen voor de referees zijn bij de afgelopen AFBN ALV verhoogd. Een referee kan nu potentieel 100 euro voor een wedstrijddag vangen. #vrijwilligers #afbn #americanfootball


Much love, y'all. Don't forget to follow @_AFBN_ ❤️

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13 Game Titles now available between multiple platforms. Sign up, create or join a team, and compete for FREE at,

Registration is open for #Pavlov #VR 3v3 #TDM #Tournament

💰 $150 @CashApp or @PayPal to the #1 team, November 4th. No purchase necessary ❤️

🚨 #Pavlov #VR #Tournament
🆓 No purchase needed
🌍 Worldwide
🚀 3v3 TDM Single Elimination
💰 1st place team to receive $150 via @CashApp / @PayPal
🕖 Friday, November 4th @ 7pm (-5 GMT)
✅ 32 Seats

@MetaQuestVR @SGH_RTs @sme_rt @wwwanpaus #AFBN @_AFBN_

We've deleted our old ladders, revamping them to be hemisphere based instead of individual regions.

Allow us time so that we can bring you the best experience possible.

We will also be adding 12 new GFX & 3 new products, making our shop 500+ items large.

Much love, #Newbies ❤️

Like this tweet if you're a gamer trying to reach the eSports Circuit.

Retweet with your stream link if you're a streamer looking to grow your audience.

Comment if you have an NFT you're trying to sell.

We want to support all of you, so we created A Few Bad Newbies.

Ever hear of an eSports Organization offering everyone an equal chance to play like a Pro?

How about one with a free competition ladder system, streaming network, browser games, & anime?

Name a gaming empire with whitepaper, roadmap, and transparent business plan.

We'll wait..

@NARAKATHEGAME My solo dub mapped out with 16 kills.

60 players in Battle Royale format, and I am over here acting like the Highlander. There can only be one. 😎

@sme_rt @SGH_RTs @rttanks @wwwanpaus @RealDrCollision @_AFBN_ @ColdWarRTs @UniversalRTs #AFBN @GamingRts4 @Zorb_Rts

Imagine a place for people, not just gamers, that offers absolutely for free... a Competition Ladder System, Streaming Network, AR/VR Virtual Lounge, Anime, Browser Games and more.

That's A Few Bad Newbies, complete with Whitepaper, Roadmap, and Revenue Sharing NFT business plan

Who's a streamer? Like this status, retweet, and comment with your Twitch/FB Handle.

We want to support you, like you support us!

Check out _OuttaMyHead_! #TikTok

Show love and support for my dude. It's free to follow someone on TikTok, so what are you waiting for? ❤️❤️

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